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Our practice is A LOT different than most chiropractic and medical offices you have been to. We at Creative Chiropractic and Wellness, truly want you to get better: we care and strive for

We do not want you to have merely 'Band-Aid’ care for the rest of your life. We specialize not only in Chiropractic Care, but also in Designed Clinical Nutrition with an emphasis on Nutrition Response Testing. When you are a chiropractic or nutrition patient, you will get an individualized programed tailored just for YOU. 







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Dr. Hillary B. Mower
Chiropractic Physician & Clinical Training in Nutrition Response Testing
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Jeanne Jones
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Patient Reviews


"I went in barely able to make it up the steps and she made sure I was better in every area I had pain. Walked out straight up and it felt awesome. Definitely need to get in to see her because she truly cares about her patients."

Alvin S.

"Just wanted to thank Dr. Hillary Mower for helping me. I have been seeing Dr. Hillary as a nutritionist for a few visits and already doing lots better. Last year, I was having severe health problems. I ended up in er a few times. The doctors never could figure out what was wrong. I ended up taking some left over antibiotics and actually got better. About a month ago, I started having the same problem as I did last year. This time, I decided to start seeing Dr. Hillary. She got me feeling better in a couple of weeks! All the other doctors that I saw couldn't figure out what was wrong and it took a few visits to Dr. Hillary to get me better. I strongly recommend people to see her."

Brian B.

"I visited more than a dozen chiropractic practices, but Dr. Hillary Mower is the best. She spends time to know you and any problem you have and spends more time in her adjustments than any other chiropractic clinic I've every visited. She has tons of education and really cares for her patients."

Larry H.

"This place does great work. I was very impressed!"

Jessica G.

"I really enjoyed my adjustment and the attention to my needs. Hillary is very knowledgeable and focused on health from the inside out. I looked forward to taking my family in to see her."

Carly B.