Community Involvement

Dr. Hillary has been involved in Animal Rescue for over 28 years starting in upstate New York. Wherever she has lived, she has helped out with animals. She has been active in City and County Council meetings in the past in Gaffney/Cherokee County regarding animal issues, has been in the paper several times for her activism, and used to bring animals on Channel 7 that were up for adoption. Dr. Hillary had Ark Angels Rescue, LLC, and recently started Jarhead Kitty Rescue, which includes dogs and other critters too, and is under the non-profit Pet Angel Fund..jarhead Kitty Rescue was founded recently when her team was formed to help a cat in Gaffney at the Dollar General that had a jar on her head for over 13 days, and by the grace of God and much persistence of the group and Miss Jarhead Kitty, survived and is thriving. Over her lifetime, she has helped easily over a hundred, possibly a couple hundred animals. She currently cannot take any other animals under her care, but has several for adoption and continues to help with activism, fundraising, transport, adoption, awareness, and more.She's love to get freeTNR back into Cherokee County. She currently is the mom of 7 cats and 4 dogs, all of whom are rescues. She encourages spay, neuter and adoption, and respectful care of animals. and discourages breeding, buying , abuse and neglect. Please contact the office if you'd like to adopt a pet, make a donation, or can volunteer your time.